Andromeda Naked Eye

Andromeda Naked Eye The The Andromeda Galaxy is one of my favorite objects in the night sky it is also the most distant object you can see with your naked eyes, two million light years away. M 31 the Andromeda Galaxy is very east to find once you know the landmarks. To use Cassiopeia Look […]

New Computer

I did not like having to drag my laptop back and forth from the Astro Hut. So we went looking on E-Bay for a computer and found a Gateway Model E4600, Pentium4 1.3GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 37GB HD, 250MB Zip, DVD-ROM. 10/100 Ethernet card included!! for 40$. While its not a top of the line, […]

Objects in Sagittarius

Sagittarius will soon be making his appearance. So I have put together my target list for the year. I just hope the weather will be kind. M 8 Bright Nebula – Lagoon Nebula is one of the finest and brightest star-forming regions in the sky M 17 Bright Nebula – Omega, Swan, Horseshoe, or Lobster […]

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? For the last 3 month we have had nothing but CLOUDS and snow! Its enough to drive me NUTS! And with all of the snow we have had its hard to believe that WINTER is still a couple of days away. And to make matters worse I was working on this […]

CG5GT and Cables

My CG5GT was getting to be a MESS with all of the cables coming and going. I have come close to tripping and ripping some of the cables out. THAT would have been BAD VERY VERY BAD! I have 4 cables 2 are for the cameras, the Orion LPI and the Meade DSI Color 2 […]

Try Before You Buy

The best bit of advice I can give you about purchasing new equipment is to try before you buy! My Astro Hut is full of stuff I wish had never bought. Eyepieces, worthless filters and bits and pieces of hardware. Most of the equipment in this hobby such a personal choice. Your choice of equipment […]