3 comments on Astro Hut Pictures

  • Lou says:

    What an incredible feat of engineering! This is coming from someone who has little to no, building ability, except for plastic model kits, when I was a kid. You’ve made a very unique, personal observatory! As for the reindeer guard, to bad you can’t get a scale replica of a Charr or something from the GW world. 🙂

  • David Dalrymple says:

    Great job on your observatory and your website. I have an observatory in Rockford, MI and would love to compare notes sometime. I have done most of my astronomy on my own and with books and the web and haven’t had much direct conversation with amateurs, backyard astronomers. Looks like tonight will be clear… as you know, they are few and far between lately!!

    Peace, David

  • Meagan Levitt says:

    I just saw your work. Great job friend.I hope to one day take on a project like this, thanks for sharing.
    Meg Levitt

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