I am learning that I REALLY don’t care for the 9 x 50 finder scope. It is very awkward to use at it’s best and down right impossible the rest of the time. When I do get a view through it I really can’t make out where I am looking, I see more stars thru […]

First Light

Well, last night I got to take the new scope out. Man what a night, have you ever had one of those nights that you just got into the ZONE ? I played around in Sagittarius and Scorpius. I have a pretty dark site that I go to. It’s just a couple of miles out […]

New Scope

We just got back from Anttlers Optics (Now Out Of Business) With a new CELESTRON 10 inch Dobsonian. Man is this thing HUGE. While it is a BIG scope it is not hard to manage at all. It just take 1 more trip then it did with the Mead DS-2130AT Now this is a REAL […]