Moon 25 Jun

I got up a bit early this morning to go out to the Astro Hut. This is 3 subs @ 15 sec Scope Starblast 4.5 imaging Camera Orion StarShoot II Mount CG5GT unguided Stacked with MaxIm DL Essentials Edition (it comes with the SS II) processed with PhoteShop 6 The Moon is waning gibbous

M14 Ophiuchus

ast night was so clear I decided to go and play in the Astro Hut (backyard observatory) I managed to get a nice shot of M14 This is 14 subs @ 15 sec unguided Scope Starblast 4.5 imaging Camera Meade DSIC CCD Mount CG5GT Here is a PDF Star Chart for M14

Astro Nut Links

Make sure you stop by Astronomy Links, its my new project “Astronomy Link List” I can use your help in adding links to it! If you have any astronomy related links please add them to the list! I would love to hear from you!! Please leave your comments!

Book The Night Sky

The Night Sky I picked this book up at a garage sale last week and this book blows it’s competitors out of the water. Bar none the most comprehensive and through book on it’s topic. It give a gives definition on most of the subjects in our hobby…


We had a bad storm come through yesterday. I did not think I would get any scope time…. But I looked out around 10:30 and we had clear sky’s. So out the the BackYard Observatory I went. M13 is one of my favorite objects to observe. From a dark site and a clear night you […]