Orion 120mm f/5.0

A scoping buddy let me borrow his Orion 120mm f/5.0!
I have sort of been wanting one of these scopes to use for astrophotography!
Last night I got my chance.
The Moon was at 89% and viewing was not that good.
I am more then surprised at how nice the picture came out!

Here is M13 The Hercules Globular Cluster
This is 10 subs @ 15 sec
Scope Orion 120mm f/5.0
Camera Meade DSI-C
Mount CG5GT unguided
Stacked with MaxIm DL Essentials Edition
processed with PhotoShop 6

The only trouble I had was I could not use the 2 inch diagonal but had to use a 1 1/4 inch….. And that was not a big deal at all!



Over all Orion 120mm f/5.0 is a joy to use for both astrophotography and visual.
This scope is going on my wish list……

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