Wild Duck Cluster

The weather cleared and I got to go out to the Astro Hut last night! My tracking was off and I could not find a bright enough star do to a drift alignment. So I only got this 1 picture of M11 (Wild Duck Cluster) Its pretty easy to find in Scutum and it a good bino object too. Here is a Telrad finder chart M11 PDF If you look at the chart you will see that M11 in in a target rich area of the sky. There is 12+ other Messier Objects just to the south!

This is 1 subs @ 8 sec
Scope Orion 120mm f/5.0
Camera Meade DSI-C
Mount CG5GT unguided
Stacked with MaxIm DL Essentials Edition
processed with PhotoShop 6

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