I am learning that I REALLY don’t care for the 9 x 50 finder scope.
It is very awkward to use at it’s best and down right impossible the rest of the time.
When I do get a view through it I really can’t make out where I am looking, I see more stars thru the finder than I do with the naked eye.

I did me a bit of research and decided that I would try out the Telrad finder.
So I ordered 1

As you can see it fits nicely between the 2″ focuser and the 9 x 50 finder scope. I have not used the 9 x 50 finder scope since I put the Telrad on. I really REALLY like the Telrad it just seems natural to use.
And best of all, there are a lot of charts out there that use the Telrad concentric rings.

DeepSky Does use the Telrad rings on it charts.

Very Sweet

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