First Light

Well, last night I got to take the new scope out.
Man what a night, have you ever had one of those nights that you just got into the ZONE ?
I played around in Sagittarius and Scorpius.
I have a pretty dark site that I go to. It’s just a couple of miles out of town.
I bagged
M8 (NGC 6523), the Lagoon Nebula
M17 (NGC 6618), the Omega, Swan, or Horseshoe Nebula
M20 (NGC 6514), The Trifid Nebula
M22 (NGC 6656)
M23 (NGC 6494)
M24 (NGC 6603)
M25 (IC 4725)
M55 (NGC 6809)
NGC 6520
In Scorpius
M 4 (NGC 6121)
M 6 (NGC 6405) the Butterfly Cluster
M 7 (NGC 6475)
M 80 (NGC 6093)
NGC 6231

It was just one of those GRAND NIGHTS !

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