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  • Larry L. says:

    Hey Russ, I’ve been looking all over for a nice EP case, thanks for the tip on Lowes.


  • Larry L. says:

    Glad you got the “green” lite. Don’t shine it at airplanes
    – HA!! Thanks for info on the cases, I’ll go look for one
    or two.

    By the way, ngc 6144 – it lies just North of Antares and
    just right of M4. It’s a 10th mag. so you should be able
    to see it fine – RA 16 h 27.3 min, Dec -26 degrees .02 min.

  • Larry L says:

    I’ll give the Dark Adapted when I get back in town. Hopefully
    I’ll get to set-up the scope at home either Friday or Sat for awhile depending when my flight gets in.


  • I have looked through this telescope and its pretty nice. Thanking about getting me one.

    KAS member

  • Jack says:

    Oh, i like this site!

  • Michael Galvin says:

    Hi, Russ

    I am looking at eyepiece case options myself and found your article. Home Depot sells a case similar to yours for $20, but it lacks the foam inserts. Lowe’s still carries what looks like exactly your model, for about $28. Walmart carries what they call a pistol case for about $30, with lots of foam inserted.

    Are you still happy with your eyecase? Or have you moved on to something else?

    Mike Galvin

  • Russ says:

    Hay Mike

    I still have that case.
    Larry (from the club) has 2 of them and loves them.
    I need to pick up another one my is getting pretty full.
    For me it is the best bang for the buck.

  • Karl says:


    I am hoping you can provide some suggestions to me. I purchased a Starseeker 100mm refractor from Orion.

  • Karl says:


    I am hoping you can provide some suggestions to me. I purchased a Starseeker 100mm refractor from Orion. I have been unable to get the thing to GoTo any selected object. I rarely get a Successful Alignment, and when I do, the GoTo always misses the selected object by 10’s of degrees. The other night I used SkyAlign and when dome, asked it to provide me the names of the stars I selected. Not one of them matched the stars I had chosen. I know my stars, I have checked several times the date, time lat/log, time zone, etc. so these are correct. Teck support was of limited help, but they did trade out the handcontroller and checked the mount for me. It is obvious I am doing something fundamentally wrong but have no idea what. I level the scope and, as I said, recheck all information I enter to the computer. Have you any suggestions?

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  • Your Buddy says:

    Hey Russ!

    Checking out you little hut – hink I mat go with the same design.

  • raghav says:

    Hey,Great picture. Thanks a lot. It helped me in a presentation for the class!

  • AnnyGirl91 says:

    i love your writing style and blog 😉

  • Fransisca Samele says:

    To start, allow me to point out that your internet site is fantastic. I love the theme that you have. It was very easy on the eyes. Appreciate your article too. Definitely subscribed to your feed to make sure I won’t be missing out on any updates. Excellent job! Toast to a productive business

  • Lou says:

    What an incredible feat of engineering! This is coming from someone who has little to no, building ability, except for plastic model kits, when I was a kid. You’ve made a very unique, personal observatory! As for the reindeer guard, to bad you can’t get a scale replica of a Charr or something from the GW world. 🙂

  • David Dalrymple says:

    Great job on your observatory and your website. I have an observatory in Rockford, MI and would love to compare notes sometime. I have done most of my astronomy on my own and with books and the web and haven’t had much direct conversation with amateurs, backyard astronomers. Looks like tonight will be clear… as you know, they are few and far between lately!!

    Peace, David

  • Meagan Levitt says:

    I just saw your work. Great job friend.I hope to one day take on a project like this, thanks for sharing.
    Meg Levitt

  • Eric says:

    Hi, I am considering this focuser on the same scope. Is this model FRM3 96mm? Does it drop right in for a perfect fit or did you need FRC4 3/8″ adaptor? Thanks

  • admin says:

    Greetings Eric

    I do believe it is FRM3??
    I also ordered the Adaptor Ring but I think it was #FRC5 4.4″ ID Tubes (120mm Skywatcher, Celestron, Orion, Konus, etc)
    Your bet is to drop an e-mail to ScopeStuff.
    I have to say that I have really enjoyed that Focuser and it is well worth the cash.

  • Eric says:

    Thanks for the reply Guss! I will check with them on this. Looks like a very nice focuser

  • manplay20.com says:

    NGC \n2023, just below centre, and the ghostly outline of the Horsehead Nebula .

  • mmdiamond says:

    On an 8″ to 10″ scope, the Horsehead Nebula goes from near invisibility into good viewing.