Telrad Or What

I have a 9×50 and can’t stand it as a matter of fact it was the very first upgrade I did to my Dob.
The Telrad is one of those things that when you get one and use it ……

For star hopping it just can’t be beat.
There is a TON of charts, maps and software that use the Telrad circles.
The batteries last forever….or it seems like it. I have left my Telrad on for a couple of days and they went on for MONTHS.
My red dot finder does not come close. Leave it on overnight and the batteries ARE DEAD.
Some people think the Telrad as heavy and bulky….

You can see my Telrad, it is not as long nor as tall as the stock 9×50.
As for being heavy hummm it is heavier the the 9×50 but we are talking OUNCES here not pounds.
Bulky? I think it fits right in next to the 2? focuser

There will be a Telrad on all of my scopes!!!


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