Green Laser GLP

I did it! I have been wanting a BTG – 2 Green Laser / Black or GLP for a long time and I ordered it to day.
I saw that is was on sale for $55.00 and I could not pass it up.
Shipping was FAST it went out with in hours of the order.

Our club has 1 GLP and sometimes it forgotten or not at the star party.
So I decided to get one.
A GLP can be used as a scope finder but I just want it as a pointer

One comment on Green Laser GLP

  • Larry L. says:

    Glad you got the “green” lite. Don’t shine it at airplanes
    – HA!! Thanks for info on the cases, I’ll go look for one
    or two.

    By the way, ngc 6144 – it lies just North of Antares and
    just right of M4. It’s a 10th mag. so you should be able
    to see it fine – RA 16 h 27.3 min, Dec -26 degrees .02 min.

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