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EP Case001
EP Case002
EP Case003
I found this sweet eyepiece case down at Lowes.
It was right around $25.00
Check your local Lowes HERE
It can hold all of the EP that I have right now not that I have that many.
It has that “pluck” foam inserts that lets you make your own cut outs.
I just have not figured out the lay out yet, I will have to get it out in the field a couple of times.
The back foam pulls out to allow access to a tool section
So far I have not found a use for it but behind it I can keep my
I think that this is going to work out very good for me!

3 comments on Eyepiece Case

  • Larry L. says:

    Hey Russ, I’ve been looking all over for a nice EP case, thanks for the tip on Lowes.


  • Michael Galvin says:

    Hi, Russ

    I am looking at eyepiece case options myself and found your article. Home Depot sells a case similar to yours for $20, but it lacks the foam inserts. Lowe’s still carries what looks like exactly your model, for about $28. Walmart carries what they call a pistol case for about $30, with lots of foam inserted.

    Are you still happy with your eyecase? Or have you moved on to something else?

    Mike Galvin

  • Russ says:

    Hay Mike

    I still have that case.
    Larry (from the club) has 2 of them and loves them.
    I need to pick up another one my is getting pretty full.
    For me it is the best bang for the buck.

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