Celestron StarSeeker 80mm

I have only had a couple of clear nights to use the “The Little Dude”
but they were very enjoyable.

The Celestron Sky Align is very simple and fast to use.
I just pointed at 3 different stars and it came back with
You don’t have to know the name of the star.
You don’t have to put it at a HOME postion.
You don’t have to point it North.

Just level it and pick out 3 stars and you are set!
What a delight to use.

The Little Dude

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This is my new Telesope and his name is
“The Little Dude” 🙂
It is a Celestron StarSeeker 80mm GoTo Refractor
and so far I have really enjoyed the scope!
GoTo telescope with 4,000+ object database makes stargazing easier than ever
Features the revolutionary SkyAlign technology for fast, easy setup
Includes GoTo hand controller, two Kellner eyepieces, red dot finder scope, and star diagonal.

I got him from Orion Telescopes
Their Main Page Orion Telecope has a very good reputation so give then a try!

NGC 869 and 884

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This double cluster found in Perseus.
This drawing doesn’t even come close to capturing the sheer beauty of these two open clusters.

Night Vision

Do you use a LapTop out in the field?
Do you need something to keep your night vision?

I just came across this (FREE) program that is pretty slick
DarkAdapted is a gamma control application program. It modifies your screen gamma settings so that you may, for example, preserve your dark adaptation while using your computer.

DeepMap 600

I just got my DeepMap 600 and I am more than impressed with it.
If you are looking to observe more than just the Messier objects or the Herschel 400 then this is the map for you!
DeepMap 600 is more biased towards interesting galaxies and nebulae.
DM600 contains a list of 85 interesting double and multiple stars, and stars that exhibit interesting color..
DM600 contains a list of 22 interesting variable stars.

You can get yours here

Light Pollution

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Here’s a pretty good example of light pollution:
This drawing was done from my moderately light polluted backyard
There are about 5 street lamps around my house
This drawing was done from my dark site 20 miles away

both of these are M22 found in Sagittarius.
as you can see the effects of pretty dramatic.

The town I live in is moderately sized about 35,000 so the light pollution is not horrendous as it is in large cities but it still bad enough to make a huge difference.