My Backyard Set UP

This is my backyard set up.
I put down 3 little concrete pads for the mount
and I know what branch Polaris hides behind.
So doing an rough Polar alignment is a snap.
I can drag the mount with the scope out of the house
all set up.


My first try with the new camera
Its not the best I have seen but its mine!
I used my 10″ DOB
Viewing was bad I had to play hide and seek with the clouds


I received my StarShootII yesterday! Whaooo

My first impression of the camera was how small and light it is, it actually weighs next to nothing!
The casing is made of lightweight plastic.
I installed the drivers and MaximumDL on my Vista equipped laptop without any problems all!
Here’s a picture of some Sunspots 20 minutes after the camera came out of the box!
It took longer to install the camera than it did to take this picture.
Overall I am pretty impressed and I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with little camera.


The other day I got a different type of Rubylith for my laptops.
I had been using Rubylith Acrylic Sheets while these worked good the new Rubylith worked a whole lot better!
It comes a heavy-duty plastic sheets that very easy to cut.
Its not as thick or as heavy as the Acrylic Sheets.
Since its not as thick I can leave on my laptop and close it with no problem.

it also works very well on lights and flashlights.

If you are still looking for Rubylith carries it!

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