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Light Pollution

click on thumb for a big picture

Here’s a pretty good example of light pollution:
This drawing was done from my moderately light polluted backyard
There are about 5 street lamps around my house
This drawing was done from my dark site 20 miles away

both of these are M22 found in Sagittarius.
as you can see the effects of pretty dramatic.

The town I live in is moderately sized about 35,000 so the light pollution is not horrendous as it is in large cities but it still bad enough to make a huge difference.

Log Book

This is a the log book format that I am using, you can download it HERE
One of the best things you can do is to LOG EVERYTHING YOU VIEW
I can’t tell yo how many times I have looked at a star chart and say “yes I have seen that” but never logged it.

And it does not count if don’t log it!

Aug Messier Objects

I still have some Messier Objects that I need to get before they are gone for this year.
In Sagittarius
M20 M21 M23 M55 M25 M24 M18 M54 M28 M75 M69 M70

In Scorpius
M4 M6 M7 M80

In Ophiuchus
M62 M107 M9 M19 M14 M107 M62 M10 M9 M12

It looks like it might be a good night for going out to my dark site.

Eyepiece Case

EP Case001
EP Case002
EP Case003
I found this sweet eyepiece case down at Lowes.
It was right around $25.00
Check your local Lowes HERE
It can hold all of the EP that I have right now not that I have that many.
It has that “pluck” foam inserts that lets you make your own cut outs.
I just have not figured out the lay out yet, I will have to get it out in the field a couple of times.
The back foam pulls out to allow access to a tool section
So far I have not found a use for it but behind it I can keep my
I think that this is going to work out very good for me!

Scotland View

I just found this guys site backyard
He is from Scotland and have a pretty cool site lots of good astro pictures.
From his site
“I have been interested in Astronomy all my life and decided to take it up seriously at the start of 2004. My main interests are imaging the nights sky and I currently own a Skywatcher Startravel 120mm Refractor. This site has been put together for an online archive of all my digital Astrophotography images and observation reports. It shall be updated regularly with new images and reports.