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Try Before You Buy

The best bit of advice I can give you about purchasing new equipment is to
try before you buy!
My Astro Hut is full of stuff I wish had never bought.
Eyepieces, worthless filters and bits and pieces of hardware.
Most of the equipment in this hobby such a personal choice.
Your choice of equipment all depends on how and what you’re going to do with it.

So before you go and shell out your hard-earned money, visit your local astronomy club.
Go to one of the local star parties.
Or visit one of the plethora of online forums.

Some cool stuff about the Moon

21 April 2008, admin @ 2:51 pm

Will the Earth fry future moon astronauts? by ZDNet’s Roland Piquepaille — Researchers working for NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission have discovered that the Earth’s magnetic tail could be harmful to future astronauts. The moon stays inside Earth’s ‘magnetotail’ for six days every month — during full moon. This can have consequences ranging from lunar ‘dust storms’ to strong electrostatic discharges, according to one researcher quoted by NASA in ‘The Moon and the Magnetotail.’ So far, this is pure speculation: no man has been on the moon when the magnetotail hits. As added the same scientist, ‘Apollo astronauts never landed on a full moon and they never experienced the magnetotail.’ But read more…

Astro Nut Links

Make sure you stop by Astronomy Links, its my new project “Astronomy Link List

I can use your help in adding links to it!
If you have any astronomy related links please add them to the list!

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My Backyard Set UP

This is my backyard set up.
I put down 3 little concrete pads for the mount
and I know what branch Polaris hides behind.
So doing an rough Polar alignment is a snap.
I can drag the mount with the scope out of the house
all set up.

Can You See the Stars?

Join thousands of other students, families and citizen-scientists hunting for stars during March 8 – 21, 2007. Take part in this international event to observe the nighttime sky and learn more about light pollution around the world.

During the 2006 event over 18,000** people from 96 countries on all continents (except Antarctica) reported more than 4500 nighttime observations. Help us
The Globe At Night

DeepMap 600

I just got my DeepMap 600 and I am more than impressed with it.
If you are looking to observe more than just the Messier objects or the Herschel 400 then this is the map for you!
DeepMap 600 is more biased towards interesting galaxies and nebulae.
DM600 contains a list of 85 interesting double and multiple stars, and stars that exhibit interesting color..
DM600 contains a list of 22 interesting variable stars.

You can get yours here