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The Little Dude

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This is my new Telesope and his name is
“The Little Dude” 🙂
It is a Celestron StarSeeker 80mm GoTo Refractor
and so far I have really enjoyed the scope!
GoTo telescope with 4,000+ object database makes stargazing easier than ever
Features the revolutionary SkyAlign technology for fast, easy setup
Includes GoTo hand controller, two Kellner eyepieces, red dot finder scope, and star diagonal.

I got him from Orion Telescopes
Their Main Page Orion Telecope has a very good reputation so give then a try!

Collimation Eyepiece

It took a little bit to get use to using the collimation eyepiece.
But after you get the hang of it man it makes the whole world of difference to your viewing experience.

Green Laser GLP

I did it! I have been wanting a BTG – 2 Green Laser / Black or GLP for a long time and I ordered it to day.
I saw that is was on sale for $55.00 and I could not pass it up.
Shipping was FAST it went out with in hours of the order.

Our club has 1 GLP and sometimes it forgotten or not at the star party.
So I decided to get one.
A GLP can be used as a scope finder but I just want it as a pointer

Binos 15×70

We have been wanting a bigger set of binos.
One of our sporting goods store had a sale on Barska 15×70 binoculars.
And of course as soon as we bought them the astor weather bug hit and RAIN so we have not really had much of a chance to get out and use them.
But the little bit we have used them WOW what a view.