Category: Constellations

Star Log 3 June 06


Object: NGC 6838 – M71
Deepsky Catalog: NGC 2000
Date Observed: 6/3/2006 5:36:04 PM
Time Observed: 03:00Local
Object Type: Gb
Constellation: Sge
Magnitude: 8.3
Size: 7.2

Locate Method: Star Hopping
Object Rating: B
Primary Equipment Used: 10″ Dob
Power/Magnification Used: 15mm 86 pwr
Very faint from the back yard!


m 15This is M-15
Globular Cluster in Pegasus.
It is worth the time to find it. It pretty small and it a tight cluster.

Cygnus NGC6910

NGC 6910
This is NGC 6910 found in Cygnus.
Its the Y shaped cluster, there are so many brilliant star field around Gamma Cygnus its hard to pick this one out.
Nice little cluster
Counted 11 stars with 3 brighter stars.
Observing Location: Back Yard


M 29
This is M29
It is a small 8 star cluster in Cygnus
One of Charles Messier discoveries who cataloged it on July 29, 1764.
This is my first drawings!
M29 is not hard to see just hard to find.
I passed it by a couple of times then it hit me, that small group of stars must be it.
Observing Location: Back Yard