NGC 869 and 884

[photopress:NGC869_884.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] click on thumb for a big picture This double cluster found in Perseus. This drawing doesn’t even come close to capturing the sheer beauty of these two open clusters.

M22 In Sagittarius

[photopress:M22_1.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] click on thumb for a big picture This is M22 found in Sagittarius This is one of the “EASY TO FIND GLOBULAR CLUSTERS“. You can see it with a set of binos very easy. From a dark site I rate this better then M13. It is truly a spectacular globular cluster well worth the […]

M10 In Ophiuchus

[photopress:M10.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] click on thumb for a big picture I got some more scope time in last night. It was not the best viewing but its better then nothing. I have been looking for M10 and M12 in Ophiuchus for a couple of weeks now and last night I FOUND M10 I could not find M12 […]

M31 The Andromeda Galaxy

[photopress:M31_1.JPG,thumb,pp_empty] click on thumb for a big picture Star Log 7 July 06 Once again the weather cleared up, it was a spectacular morning. M31 the Andromeda galaxy is one of my favorite targets. Easily found with binoculars from light polluted backyards and is naked eye visible from a dark site Object: NGC 224 – […]

Star Log 6 July 06

[photopress:M56.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] click on picture for a big picture Last night we had a bit of good weather so I got some scope time in. Object: NGC 6779 – M56 Date Observed: 7/6/2006 8:28:39 AM Time Observed: 01:30UT Object Type: Gb Constellation: Lyr Magnitude: 8.3 Size: 7.1 Object Rating: B Primary Equipment Used: 10″ Dob Power/Magnification […]