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M57 The Ring Nebula

M57 The Ring Nebula is one of my favorite deep sky object.
It BRIGHT for a planetary nebulae and its very easy to find!
I can see it in my little Celestron StarSeeker 80mm.
I was out in the HUT till the wee hours this morning and M57
cleared the trees so I had the chance to take this!

This is 1 subs @ 15 sec
Scope Starblast 4.5 imaging
Camera Meade DSI-C
Mount CG5GT unguided
Stacked with MaxIm DL Essentials Edition (it comes with the SS II)
processed with PhoteShop 6

Finding M57 is pretty easy.
Find the constellation Lyra,
look for the diamond-shaped set of 4 stars just below Vega.
M57 is in between the bottom pair stars.

Here is a PDF star chat of Lyra


Star Log 6 July 06

click on picture for a big picture

Last night we had a bit of good weather so I got some scope time in.
Object: NGC 6779 – M56
Date Observed: 7/6/2006 8:28:39 AM
Time Observed: 01:30UT
Object Type: Gb
Constellation: Lyr
Magnitude: 8.3
Size: 7.1
Object Rating: B
Primary Equipment Used: 10″ Dob
Power/Magnification Used: PWR 84 / 15MM

From the backyard this a a VERY FF.
It is halfway between Lyra and Albireo.
I could not find it using my 32MM