There is a Lunar Eclipses coming our way in a couple of days, the night of 14-15 April. Most of the US will be able to see it!

Lagoon Nebula-2

Last night was one of them nights that it all came together. The CG5 was tracking great. The slews were dead on. The software (AstroPlaner) had no problems. I took a look at the Lagoon Nebula with my OIII and was just amazed by it again! Here is a drawing I did.

Writing a Better Observing Report

WRITING YOUR OBSERVING REPORT I am a huge fan of keeping track of what I have observed. I try and keep a log of some sort of what I have seen. But I am at the point I NEED to make better reports. Pretty.. Nice.. and other such is just not good enough anymore. Below […]

Orion 120 ST Upgrade

I really enjoy my Orion 120ST. It's the scope I use the most. This scope is a great performer on deep sky viewing. But one of the cons is the focuser that comes with it, the stock focuser isn't quite smooth enough for easy high power focusing and you can forget about any sort of […]

Intro to Constellations

Here is a little presentation I have been working on Have you ever wondered what a Constellation is? Want to know where Constellations came from? [authorSTREAM id= 447942_634155678901528750 pl= player/player by= AstroNut]